Forest reservation ”Prelesnikova koliševka”

This is a characteristic hollow cave in area ”Ušive jame” near Rajhenav. Because of its inaccessibility and even more of its cold characteristic there is still preserved representative vegetation of the colder periods of our history. Plant species are followed in altitude zones from warm at the top till that on the bottom, which can handle cold. Here are growing spruce trees with narrow, long treetop, which is characteristic of trees lying high in the mountains or far on north. In the cave, which was once called ”Medvedji Brlog” – Bear’s den, bears supposedly had dwelling, but due to unfriendly climate this is not very likely. Next to the trees here botanists have found many mosses and lichens, which aren’t present in warmer areas. Due to a possible meeting with wild animals but even more due to impact of visitors on flora, sightseeing of ”koliševka” is recommended only from above.