Kočevska in Kostel

Duration: 8 h       Price: from 25€       Termin: on request       meals included: yes

You will sightsee the cultural sights of Kočevje, take a ride into the mysterious closed area, see the thickest nut tree in Slovenia, know mysterious world od river Kolpa, taste local organic cheese, and at the end you will fill oneself up.

Starting point

The starting point is Regional museum Kočevje. The sequence of the sights depends on the selected starting point.

Viewing the exhibition in the Regional museum Kočevje, where you will also see among other things The Lost Heritage of the Gottscheers (Izgubljena dediščina kočevskih Nemcev). Then follows a tour of the city center.

Then we drive into the former closed area Kočevska Reka. Here we will see the St. John the Baptist Church (Cerkev sv. Janeza Krstnika) and the thickest known nut tree in Slovenia. It is 15 m tall and its circumference is 434 cm.

Past the Reško Lake (Reško jezero), which is located in the valley next to the village, follows a ride to the Borovec, where we can see the bunker (from times when the area was closed) from outside. Then we are headed towards the Kolpa valley. We drive to the Kaptol, where we will drink a coffee in the restaurant ”Pri Grofu” and enjoy a beautiful view on the Kostel castle. You will be able to taste the typical food – ”kostelski čuspajz”. The Kostel castle is first mentioned in documents in 1336 as the GRAFFENWARTH – the guard of the Count, it was representing a firm bulwark on a unsettled Carniolan border in the times of Turkish invasions.

After a short ride we are by the Nežica waterfall, where we will hear the sad story about its name. The way will then lead us past the bottling plant of water Costella to the village Vas (possible external view of the church ”Marija Vnebovzeta”) and forward along the panoramic road by the Kolpa to the 12 km distant Bilpa. A stop to view the source of the Bilpa and the Verderber forge. We will listen to the interesting legend How the Devil Jumped over the Kolpa River (“Kako je vrag čez Kolpo skočil”). We continue the drive to the Dol, where we will make a stop at the tourist farm Konda with a degustation of the White Carnolia loaf, a homemade bread from spelt, a semisoft sheep cheese, a spread with the wild garlic. Coming up is the view of the Pillory – ”Pranger” in Predgrad.
Then we will return to the Kočevje, where we will have a late lunch in the restaurant Falkenau.

Price: 25 € per person / at least 40 persons.

Price includes: an entrance fee, external views, a snack, a degustation, a late lunch and a proffesional guidance and organization of the trip.